List of Approved Other Data Processors

At the entry into force of the Data Processing Agreement, the Data Controller has approved the use of the following Other Data Processors:

Other Data Processor Data Location Description of the processing Legal basis for data processing outside the EU Updated on
CityCallCenter Denmark Telephone and secretarial services   2018.04.13
E-conomic Denmark Financial Accounting   2018.04.13
Host Europe EU Hosting   2018.04.13
Interdesign Denmark Software development   2018.04.13
KMD Denmark E-document network   2018.04.13
Likvido Denmark Accounting   2021.04.29
Microsoft Office 365 inkl. OneDrive for Business EU Office programs, file sharing and backup   2022.03.01
NemHandel Denmark E-document network   2018.04.13
Nordic Backup EU Backup   2018.04.13 EU Hosting og e-mail   2018.04.13


The Data Controller is informed before the Data Processor replaces or adds Another Data Processor that processes data on behalf of the Data Controller.

The Data Controller may object to a new Other Data Processor if the new Other Data Processor does not process data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. If the Data Controller wishes to object to a new Other Data Processor, the Data Processor will display the Data Processor’s Data Protection Evaluation of the Other Data Processor.

In case of disagreement about the new Other Data Processor, the Data Controller can ensure that the Data Controller’s personal information is not processed by the new Other Data Processor by terminating his / her account and deleting his / her personal information at the Data Processor at short notice.